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Moor's Heads
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Moor's Head: The legend behind
Sicilian Ceramic Heads.

Green & Orange
Typical colors of the Sicilian tradition

A line inspired by the style of the classic colors
of Caltagirone ceramics, a line that links
the classic style to the modern one. 

Monochrome of blue

Classic Monochrome line that binds
classic style to modern style
making each room unique.

White Line
Made In Italy

Monochromatic Classic Line that both the classic style
to the modern one, making every environment unique.

Holy Water Font

A line inspired by the style of modern,
a meeting point between the millennial
history of Moor’s Head and a totally unique style.

Ivory Line

Thanks to the consolidated experience over
the years we are today able to give life,
during the finishing and cooking phases, to new techniques.

Yellow & Orange

Colors, shapes and style are the objective
that make our brand "SOFIA" personal and unique.